Shelly Kalef


Body Mind and Spirit....The Connection

By Shelly Kalef LMT, NCTMB, December 2, 2011

We hear about the Body Mind and Spirit especially in health and healing circles or in spiritual healing circles. We know and consciously understand what the word “body” means and where it is. We know it is our physical body and all the physical parts it contains. We understand that our mind resides in our brain (unless we lose our mind… then we have to search for our brain ) Humor set aside… the clear definition of mind is: the part of an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills, reasons, remembers, and much more.

Our brain is where our body's electrical power plant is located. We also know that the brain processes our senses, our thoughts and our actions. It controls our somatic senses (actions, physical senses) and our visceral senses (organs and their activities) via the Central Nervous System, the sympathetic (the part that responds/reacts to a stimulus) and parasympathetic responses (the part that works automatically such as the heartbeat or digestion).

Together with the cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, digestive system, endocrine system, and reproductive, and so on, the brain provides communication and regulation of most of the body.

It also integrates activities such as sleep and wakefulness, and it handles learning and memory. For an experience to become part of our memory it must produce significant or persistent physical or chemical changes. We have immediate memory, short term memory and long term memory.

Where is our memory located in our body?
I believe that memory is processed in the brain, but it exists in every cell within our body. Every cell is affected by experiences. With each experience, the body produces chemicals (endorphins) that send messages to every cell which causes all to change.

Our bodies can be conditioned to acquire a habit or alter a belief by continuous repetition. This is where mantras and affirmations are effective; after 21 days of repetition we own it. It is etched in our subconscious mind.

We do not yet have a scientific satisfactory explanation of how we recall information or how we remember events.

I believe that like a computer, the body is comprised of hardware and software; the hardware is analogous to the body, and the software to the memory and the spirit. The body is finite but the spirit is eternal. Just as a the computer hardware is finite and can be replaced by a new one while the software is eternal and can move from computer to computer, so is our spirit that can move from incarnation to incarnation, as memories of previous lifetimes are stored and remembered as we go on living. Some people remember these memories sooner than others. These memories are the gifts we bring into this world; our talents, beliefs we resonate with, activities that come naturally to us, and our passions, and more. Every memory is etched in in every cell of our body, in our DNA, in our spirit.

If the brain also deals with our more abstract aspects like the memory, the subconscious mind, the creative mind, and the intuitive mind, then where does the soul reside? What do we understand of what the soul is?

To me, the soul is the battery that energizes, the life giving force that we possess, the immaterial essence of an individual life materializing in an active and essential body, our connection with the divine. Maybe this is where science and spirituality merge, where the physical and the nonphysical unite in our physical body.

I have the answer that feels right to me.

Our soul resides in the blood. The blood is our life giving force. The heart is the pump, yes it is filled with the life force but it is not the life force. We could live without a heart; a machine can pump our blood and we still live. The brain is important, but it is not our life force. People can be declared brain dead and still live, but nobody can live without their blood circulating and feeding every cell of the body.

Now, if the blood is our life source and is where the Soul resides, then how does the blood connect with God?

When we think about it, it is our breath that connects us with the Divine. We breathe the oxygen that is in our atmosphere. Many of us think that God is somewhere out there…somewhere in heaven, but when we inhale the oxygen we also inhale energy that carries God’s spark with all its vibrations. Along with the oxygen, electromagnetic vibrations enter into our body, to be carried by our blood, to feed every single cell to energize it, to give it life, to protect it, to heal it. All these are divine attributes.

Cells possess memory, electromagnetic energy, and DNA that includes our genetics as well as memories and all information from former lifetimes, and they comprise every part of our body. Cells need oxygen to live; if we stop breathing cells die. If too many of them die, then we will also die.

When we are overwhelmed or stressed we sigh by drawing in breath to reenergize; when we meditate we take deep breaths to get in touch with our higher self or connect with peace and tranquility.

Since I treat my clients with the breath, then “Spirit” provides them with healing, Its moves out the fluids, inflammation, congestion and toxicity that create blockages and pain in a particular area.

During exhalation I utilize pressure to guide these fluids and blockages as they move through the Lymphatic system (our Immune system – the protector). Also while the client exhales all toxins are collected by the Venus Capillaries (our Circulation system) to ultimately be expelled via the Lungs (our Respiratory system – where the Carbon Dioxide and toxicity moves out for healing as oxygen moves in for health). Thus, I can say that in my therapy both my client and I are connected with Body, Mind and Spirit experiencing the Divine as it provides physical healing as soon as the blockages are removed and blood flows freely oxygenating every cell once again.

The Soul and the Spirit work hand in hand just as the blood works with the breath. Both are defined as life giving force and essential in keeping us alive. They are found everywhere in our bodies and the energy and vibration they provide surrounds us inside and outside.

How wonderful it is to have the awareness that with every breath we invite God into our life, and with every breath God gives us life, gives us healing, and fills us with love and peace. We receive the gift of breath with our blood that in turn nourishes our body, heals our body and fills it with life force.

That is the connection of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Shelly Kalef LMT, NCTMB is the Author and creator of “The Kalef 3 Dimensional Therapy” (K3D) and Instructor of continuing education.