Shelly Kalef


Loss of Inches

Recently we began studies while treating overweight clients that suffer from chronic pain. The client gets measured before the treatment and immediately after. They showed to have lost INCHES IN VARIOUS AREAS OF THE BODY according to the level of dysfunction and accumulation of stagnant fluids, toxins and cellulite. We are currently looking for more clients willing to participate in this study at substantial discounts. Anyone interested please send us a note at the Contact Page to apply.

One of the clients that participated in the study used to be a gorgeous lady 5’8”tall, size 8 dress size. Due to the work she did and her lifestyle she became a size 20 and in pain. Her work required for her to be under water for long periods of time in all kinds of climate conditions, wearing just a wet suit and flippers. While her body was absorbing salted water and being exposed to low temperatures, her body began to change and develop a layer of fatty insulation that after a period of time she was no longer able to function effectively out of the water. She was carrying too much weight and was in pain all over. Her flesh had neither had much give nor resilience. After 2 weeks of continuous treatments she has lost most of her pain and also a total of 11” which was maintained from day to day as she also actively participated in helping her body heal.

NOTE that the inches lost were from congestion buildup that was flushed into the lymphatic system, thus reducing her size and her pain while increasing flexibility and endurance. Her flesh felt empty, as when someone loses a lot of weight. She felt lighter and happier that she was in 2 weeks a size smaller, but mainly that she was on the way to recovery from the pain and dysfunction.