Shelly Kalef


K3D Thermography Study, 2011

On July 22, 2011 we began our study by taking our first group of Thermography photos. Thermography images show areas of heat and circulation. The photo below was taken before the K3D therapy treatment at 1:45 PM. After seeing the photo, my focus was to remove the congestion from the neck and also investigate what was going on at the mid‐back.

Photo #1

Thermography image

After my treatment and my palpate experience, I noticed that the muscle tightness that presented at the client’s upper shoulder (marked in black line) did not register in the Thermography because the fluid was not circulating through this area but had accumulated in the front of that tightness, as presented in the last photos below.

The photo below (Photo #2) was taken immediately after massage was provided at 2:30 PM. Notice how the fluids have spread; (the red blotches are heat and white is very hot). Congestion is being broken, dislodged and dispersed from her neck as it shows to be more aggravated.

As I was exploring her mid‐back during my therapy for any issues that showed on the Thermography, I created disturbance in the area showing red and white. This is the reason I ask clients to ice immediately after the K3D massage. (In this study client did not Ice prior to this photo.)

Photo #2

Thermography image

The next image was taken 30 minutes after the massage; notice fluids are flushing and dispersing. The redness on the mid‐back is due to the fact that the client was leaning her back against the chair for the previous 30 minutes. (This fact was a learning experience for me as a researcher; I learned more about outside factors that can show up in a Thermography image.). So I assume that the mid‐back markings on photo# 1 were also due to the client resting her back on the car seat before beginning this study.

Photo #3

Thermography image

The last Thermography photo was taken on 7/27/2011, 4 days later and as you can see all congestion, heat, inflammation is gone, confirming my statement that this therapy is long lasting.

Photo #4

Thermography image

The following photos are from other areas of the body. Photos taken before the massage (left column) all on the same date 7/22/11 showing contrast with four days later 7/27/11 (right column)

Thermography imagesThermography image