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K3D — The Kalef 3 Dimensional Therapy

The K3D technique is a Myo- Lymphatic technique that is Decongestive, Detoxifying and Deep Therapy. It addresses the body as the integral “human web” by encompassing all sides as a unit working on the back, side and front simultaneously. This therapy redirects toxicity and stagnant fluids towards the pathways of the Lymphatic System to be drained on the Lymphatic ports of exit. This release not only detoxifies the body, but it also disperses fluids reducing inflammation, strengthening the immune system, thus allowing for the release of tight muscles, as well as the pressure release on the nerves. This process is done on a side lying massage.

The K3D technique has been highly effective in the removal of chronic inflammation, release of chronic neck and shoulder pain, low back pain and the extremities. It is excellent for people that suffer from venous insufficiency, fibromyalgia, sciatica, rotator-cuff injuries, and more. In our practice we have found this technique reduces pain and increases movement significantly with long lasting results achieving immediate and long lasting results.

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