Hands on shoulder


Trigger Point Therapy:

To understand more clearly the concept of a Trigger Point, please refer to the following analogy: A muscle fiber is parallel to a rubber band; it can be stretched and once released it returns to its original state. The coiling of a rubber band occur once it is released, because the elasticity is not even and certain areas will contract while others will not, thus creating a coil. A coil can be formed in a clump like a knot, or it can spiral into any shape. The same happens to a muscle that has damaged fibers. Once a damaged muscle goes into spasm, or is released from a strong contraction, some of the fibers may form a nodule or a spiral that can twist and spiral in any direction. If that nodule or twisted fiber captures a neuron (nerve cell) in its path, there will be “referred pain”, the pain produced in the direction or the area to where the nerve clamps up or clenches into another muscle or other tissue. Trigger points are know for the sharp shooting pain they produce and for the referral pattern they present.