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Client Testimonials

"Shelly Kalef’s K3D Therapy has changed my life ! I have suffered from shoulder pain as the result of an automobile accident 15 years ago. I have tried many different modalities seeking relief. After my first K3D treatment from Shelly I experienced increased range of motion and my golf swing improved considerably. Subsequent K3D treatments have made me pain free. This stuff really works!
Thank you Shelly for giving me my life back and the best golf I ever played."

– Chet

"I have suffered with the effects of Post Polio Syndrome and was always searching for relief from the pain and discomfort until I met Shelly. She has an intuitive sense of how to ease pain and got me back to feeling healthy again. I am so grateful to her and I would recommend [...] her wonderful massage."

– Susan

"I have osteoarthritis in my neck and upper back from an auto accident 20 years ago. This causes pain, muscle spasms and stiffness in the surrounding muscles. I have seen many massage therapists and gotten plenty of massages. Shelly Kalef is by far, the best. Shelly is able to find all your trouble spots and completely work them out with her unique technique.   I had never experienced that before. I leave her office feeling relaxed and spasm free. She is truly dedicated to her work."

– Joseph